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Some things don’t change: Addressing Challenges to Keep Up With Changing EU/US trade controls

23 October 2023

The ongoing war in Ukraine has led to the adoption of no less than 11 sanctions packages by the EU in close coordination with its allies of the G7. The scope and complexity of the sanctions regime imposed on Russia requires adequate information to ensure corporate compliance. Covered companies need to stay on top of a multitude of overlapping rules which impact their commercial strategies and priorities.

In addition, the geopolitical tensions between the United States and the People’s Republic of China have added an extra dimension to an already uncertain trade and investment environment. The EU is in the process of reviewing its China policy and has adopted a broad Economic Security Strategy in June 2023 driven by a “de-risking” approach. This international context and related regulatory developments will have significant implications for European business and their commercial ties with China.

What can you expect from our seminar?
Get to know how your company should deal with this new global order and how to manage the risks and opportunities in this fast changing regulatory environment. Various experts from the public and private sector, including highly specialized trade lawyers, will provide participants with hands-on insights on how to deal with the current and upcoming sanctions and other trade restrictions.

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