Export Controls & sanctions seminar : Dealing with the new normal

Mardi 21 juin

It is our pleasure to invite you for the 7th edition of the Brussels conference on Export Controls & Economic Sanctions.

This edition will take place in person again.

With the war in Ukraine, what used to be an insider story is now front-page news.

The impact of Western sanctions against the Russian economy affects all layers of society, and companies are more than ever held responsible for the implementation of export controls.

The frenzy of sanctions against Russia in the USA and in the EU should not, however, make us forget the evolution of all the sanctions against other States: Iran, Cuba, North Korea , Venezuela, etc.

All this urges businesses to adapt their commercial strategy and priorities while implementing more robust compliance programs.

Several legal experts will give you an update about the sanctions /due diligence efforts. We are also very honoured to have a representative from the European Commission who will talk about export controls as a sanctions tool. During the panel debate, experts from financial institutions and companies will provide insights on how they deal with the current sanctions in their respective business.

Not to be missed event!

Target audience: trade compliance professionals, in-house company lawyers, CIO’s, regulators…

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