The Belgian Wood Confederation brings together, represents, defends and informs companies in the forestry, logging, sawmill and wood trade sectors.

National Wood Council
Rue Royale 163
1210 Bruxelles
T: + 32 2 219 27 43
François De Meersman
199, of witch 
- 76 wood merchants ;
- 56 sawmills ;
- 41 exploitants forestiers ;
- 26 entrepreneurs forestiers.

The Belgian Wood Confederation is the employers' representative of the various sub-sectors of the primary wood processing industry, namely: forestry, forestry exploitation, sawmilling and wood trade (joint committees 125 - 125.01, 125.02 and 125.03 - and 146). In addition to defending the interests of the sector and its members, the Confederation carries out various information missions, whether through thematic newsletters, its LinkedIn page or the quarterly trade magazine Bois Entreprise.


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