Denuo is the Belgian federation of the waste and recycling sector. In a world where raw materials are becoming scarcer and companies want to produce sustainably, our 300 members are the essential link between used materials and reuse, recycling and final processing.

Belgian federation of the waste and recycling sector
BluePoint Brussels
Boulevard Reyers 80
T + 32 2 757 91 70
Julie van der Haert
T +32 2 757 91 70
Bruno Arts
Stany Vaes
Foundation date
Total number of employees of member companies
About 15.000

Bruno Arts, President
Stany Vaes, General Director

Denuo's mission is to: “Inspire and advise government and producers to take the right steps towards a circular economy. We develop an ecosystem in which producers and material processors can jointly develop innovative solutions for material flows. We assist our members in formulating and communicating common positions, informing and advising them about new regulations and their implementation.”

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