The federation deals mainly with social and employment issues (in a broad sense) relating to the employees of companies participating in the joint committee for the international trade, transport and logistics sector (Committee No. 226).

Federation of Employers in International Trade, Transport and Logistics
Brouwersvliet 33, bte 7 
2000 Antwerpen 1
T + 32 3 221 99 89
F + 32 3 221 99 09
Didier Lobelle
T + 32 3 221 99 89
F + 32 3 221 99 09
Paul Valkeniers
General Secretary
Didier Lobelle
Foundation date
Total number of employees of member companies


Paul Valkeniers , President
Didier Lobelle , General Secretary

The federation acts on behalf of the following trade associations:
• Belgian Airfreight Institute (BAFI);
• Belgian Courier Association (BCA);
• Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association;
• Confederation of Belgian Freight Forwarders  (CEB);
• Royal Federation of Belgian Carriers and Logistic Service Providers  (FEBETRA);
• National Logistics Forum  (NAFOLO);
• NAFOLO Aviation;
• Belgian National Federation of Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (NAVES) ;
• Transport en Logistiek Vlaanderen (Transport and Logistics Flanders);
• Vereniging voor Expeditie, Logistiek en Goederenbelangen van Antwerpen (FORWARD Belgium) ;
• Vlaams Logistiek Verbond (Flemish Logistics Association);
• Association of Belgian Port Employers.

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