The Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association (RBSA) proactively upholds the common interests of all ship-owners and ship operators based in Belgium and active in the international maritime transport sector.

Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association
Ernest Van Dijckkaai 8
2000 Anvers
T + 32 3 232 72 32
Ludwig Criel
Chief Executive Officer
Wilfried Lemmens
Foundation date

Ludwig Criel, President
Wilfried Lemmens, Chief Executive Officer

The association plays a dynamic role in promoting the sector as an attractive employer and offers its members operational support and detailed information on tax, social, environmental and maritime legislation. To this end, RBSA works in close cooperation with all national and international stakeholders. As a Belgian centre of knowledge, RBSA strives to be instrumental in ensuring the further development and long-term growth of the international maritime transport sector. As an opinion leader, RBSA is a partner that is much valued by all the stakeholders.

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