Formerly known as the Belgian Association of Pension Institutions, PensioPlus is the umbrella organisation for institutions for occupational retirement provision (IORPs) - also known as pension funds - and organisers of supplementary sectoral pension plans. Companies that organize activities or provide services within the framework of the 2nd pillar are also welcome as associate members.

Boulevard A. Reyers 80
1030 Bruxelles
T + 32 2 706 85 45
General Secretary
Ann Verlinden
T + 32 2 706 85 50 

Philip Neyt 
Foundation date 
28/02/1975 (M.B. 01-05-1975)

Philip Neyt, President

Members organise activities and/or provide services related to 'second-pillar' supplementary pensions, i.e. pensions resulting from a joint pension scheme linked to an economic activity and organised by a company, group of companies, sector or public institution to benefit workers, self-employed persons or contracted public-sector employees. Full members of PensioPlus represent more than a million active affiliates.



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