The inDUfed platform brings together, since 2014, the glass producers and transformers (previously Glass Industry Federation), the pulp, paper and cardboard producers (previously Cobelpa) and the paper and board transformers (previously Fetra). The essential and common characteristics of these 3 sectors are the production activities of sustainable and recyclable goods.

Sustainable Goods
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Thomas Davreux
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Olivier Douxchamps, President
Thomas Davreux, General Manager

The companies active in these sectors make a vast range of products: glass bottles, cardboard packaging, graphic paper, various glass panes, sanitary papers, self-adhesive materials, insulation materials, etc.

The inDUfed sectors are fully integrated within the concepts of sustainability and circular economy. Indeed, glass, paper and board contribute to a sustainable society. A few examples: recyclable packaging, protecting products from wasting and avoiding therefore food waste; energy gains in buildings thanks to adequate insulation and glass surfaces; wellbeing and health impacts derived from sanitary paper as well as from sufficient day light. Old paper and glass are collected and, for the main part, recycled thanks to increasingly efficient processes. inDUfed fully subscribes to this philosophy. Eco-design, water usage optimizing and a process of continuous improvement of their energy efficiency are themes our member companies work on day after day. The glass and paper industries have been pioneers of the circular economy, thanks to the inherent characteristics of their products: their circularity, their recyclability, the potentially infinite recycling of glass and the renewability of paper.

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