Valipac, the Belgian knowledge centre for industrial waste, was founded in 1997 at the initiative of Belgian industry. Its main role is to provide a collective response to the extended producer responsibility for industrial packaging.

Industrial packaging management organisation

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Lieven Stalmans
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Lieven Stalmans , President
Francis Huysman, Managing Director

Valipac has successfully fulfilled this mission by achieving a recycling rate of 89% across all of its 7,000 customers, a figure that easily outstrips the required minimum rate of 80% and one of the highest in Europe. Together with the 220 waste collectors affiliated with the Valipac system, more than 40,000 companies now benefit from Valipac's financial incentives, which are designed to encourage the selective collection of industrial packaging waste.

Valipac collects and analyses reliable data on the sorting and recycling of industrial waste. Leveraging this knowledge, it identifies opportunities and challenges in the waste chain and, in collaboration with sectoral federations and waste collectors, establishes targeted and ambitious plans and campaigns to encourage companies to sort more and better. It works on innovations to transform waste into a new raw material with more applications with a view to achieving a fully circular economy for industrial packaging in Europe. Valipac is also a leading player in the transition to sustainable development and a circular economy. Valipac's customers benefit from in-depth audits of their packaging and advice on how to improve their sustainability. The Pack It Better platform – an initiative of Valipac and Fost Plus – provides a wealth of information on sustainable packaging.

There is no other organisation in the world like Valipac, which is playing a pioneering role in Europe.

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