FEDIEX is a regional and national trade association which brings together companies – large and small – that are involved in the mining and/or processing of non-energy rocks. Together, FEDIEX's members account for close to 90% of Belgian production. FEDIEX represents and speaks on behalf of the mining industry in dealings with Belgian, European and international bodies.

Federation of Extractive and Processing Industries for Non-Energetic Rocks
Rue Edouard Belin 7
1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert
T + 32 2 511 61 73
T + 32 2 511 61 73
Stephan Milis
Chief Executive Officer
Michel Calozet
Foundaton date
Total number of employees of member companies
1.998 workers and 984 employees

Stephan Milis, President
Michel Calozet , Chief Executive Officer

The association deals with a wide range of matters, including social and economic issues, the environment, safety at work, and the quality of its members' products. It represents and speaks on behalf of the mining industry in dealings with Belgian, European and international bodies and is a member of organisations such as FEB, the Walloon Union of Enterprises (UWE), the European Aggregates Association (UEPG), the European Lime Association (EuLA), the International Lime Association (ILA) and the Groupement belge de l’Energie Explosive – Belgische Groepering voor Explosieve Energie (Belgian Association for Explosive Energy ). FEDIEX is a privileged, specialised and experienced contact for all matters relating to quarrying, mining and related products. As such, it is constantly on hand for its members, listening to their concerns, providing relevant information and discussing topics of common interest.

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An optimum business environment is vital for a sound economy and sustainable growth. FEB aims to help create and maintain such an environment by, among other things, closely monitoring all issues of direct relevance to businesses. Here, grouped into 17 themes, are the issues on which FEB focuses most of its attention and action.

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