As 'Labour Market Makers', Federgon and its members help to shape the labour market, encouraging it to evolve, be more innovative and fulfil a growing need for flexibility and more hybrid working relationships. In one year Federgon's members help over 750,000 individuals at crucial points in their career, aiding them to enter or leave the labour market and providing them with support.

Federation of HR service providers
Avenue du Port 86C, PO box 302
B-1000 Brussels
T: + 32 (0)2 203 38 03
F: + 32 (0)2 203 42 68
Nico Reeskens
Ann Cattelain
Date founded
4 February 1964
631 (on 31/12/2019) 
Total number of workers active in member companies
684,031 temporary workers
63,559 service voucher workers
7,902 project sourcing employees / @Federgon

Nico Reeskens, President
Ann Cattelain, CEO


Federgon is the federation of private labour market intermediaries and private HR service providers. It represents its members' interests at regional and federal level. Federgon stands for quality and professionalism

It protects its members' regional and federal interests and serves as spokesperson for the sectors it represents, meaning that every day it is active in a range of public institutions, advisory and accreditation committees, joint bodies, government departments and agencies, employers' federations, policy-maker firms, and more. 

Federgon draws on its expertise and provides its members with economic, social and legal analyses and information. All members can contact the federation for specific information on labour legislation and applicable regulations within Federgon's sectors. Federgon notifies its members of any pertinent change to legislation.

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An optimum business environment is vital for a sound economy and sustainable growth. FEB aims to help create and maintain such an environment by, among other things, closely monitoring all issues of direct relevance to businesses. Here, grouped into 17 themes, are the issues on which FEB focuses most of its attention and action.

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