The mission of the Belgian Construction Confederation is to represent, protect and advise all the companies active in the construction, energy and environmental sectors.

Belgian Construction Confederation
Rue du Lombard 34-42
1000 Bruxelles
T + 32 2 545 56 00
F + 32 2 545 59 00
Véronique Vanderbruggen
T + 32 2 545 56 26
F + 32 2 545 57 48
Communication Manager
Thomas Scorier
Chief Executive Officer
Robert de Mûelenaere
Foundation date
15.000 entrerprises active in the construction are provided by 17 regional sections (9 in the Walloon Region, 1 in the Brussels Region and 7 in the Flanders Region) and 19 trade associations
Total number of employees of member companies


Thomas Scorier, President
Robert de Mûelenaere, Chief Executive Officer

As an umbrella organisation, the association assists and advises its members with social, welfare, fiscal, legal, economic and management issues, at both national and international/European levels. As far as regional matters are concerned, this mission is performed by the association's three regional sections (CCW, CCB-C and VCB). Services to member companies are provided by 17 local sections and 19 trade associations, which deal with matters specific to individual areas of activity.

The Construction Confederation:
- upholds the interests of its members on the basis of studies in various areas including social policies, taxation, the economy and legislation;
- advises all member companies on issues relating to construction, energy and the environment;
- supports construction companies during the start-up phase and throughout their development, through the FORMALIS help desk;
- provides members with updated information on the construction sector through several media and supports, including the monthly Construction trade journal, the weekly e News newsletter and the website (in French and Dutch, which has a section reserved for members);
- promotes the construction sector and construction companies and trades through the websites;
- provides training on a permanent basis for construction employers and employees;
- facilitates contacts between professionals in the sector as well as the creation of partnerships.

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