CREAMODA is the trade association of the clothing and fashion industry.

Leliegaarde 22
1731 Zellik
T + 32 2 238 10 11
Erik Magnus
T + 32 2 238 10 12
Peter Haenebalcke
General Manager
Erik Magnus
Foundation date
About 150
Total number of employees of member companies
About 15.000

Peter Haenebalcke , President
Erik Magnus , General Manager

Creamoda is the Belgian fashion federation and represents Belgian companies, brands and producers active in fashion, clothing and ready-to-wear. Creamoda's mission is to promote these companies and support the Belgian fashion sector as a whole. Members of Creamoda produce among other things fashion & accessories, professional clothing & accessories and other made-up products.

As a service, Creamoda provides specialist sector advice in the areas of quality/safety/sustainability, social/legal, economic/international and communication/PR. Creamoda defends the interests of its members and is in close contact with various government departments and umbrella employers' organisations at home and abroad. In addition, the federation organises online and offline activities on sector-relevant topics and its members can rely on an extensive network.

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