FEBELCEM aims to assist, inform and train the users of cement products (technical assistance and information to ensure the product is used properly and the project concerned is successful). It also organises courses and training days for practising architects, construction designers and contractors. Lastly, it contributes to training programmes for future engineers, architects and construction workers.

Federation of the Belgian Cement Industry
Avenue des Arts 20
1000 Bruxelles 
T + 32 2 645 52 11
Éric Schelstraete  
Communication Manager 
T + 32 2 645 52 21 
Christoph Streicher
Hervé Camerlynck
Foundation date 
Total number of employees of member companies 
About 1.100


Christoph Streicher , President
Hervé Camerlynck, Director

FEBELCEM's basic aims are to:
• represent and protect the interests of its members;
• promote a more effective and efficient use of cement and concrete;
• provide technical assistance and information for cement users.

As a member of FEB and the Walloon Union of Enterprises (UWE), the association liaises on a permanent basis with the federal and regional public authorities.

Furthermore, it participates in the activities of the European Cement Association (Cembureau) as well as in standard-setting activities at both Belgian (NBN) and European (CEN) levels.


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