Sabam is the largest Belgian private enterprise in the cultural sector, both in terms of its financial flows and in terms of the number of creative artists it represents.

Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers
Rue d'Arlon 75-77
1040 Bruxelles
T + 32 2 286 84 84
Steven De Keyser
Jan Hautekiet
Foundation date 

Jan Hautekiet, President

Founded in 1922 "by authors for authors", Sabam is still managed to this day by authors and creative artists through its Board of Directors. The aims of Sabam are to collect, distribute, and collectively manage, both in Belgium and abroad, the royalties due to its thousands of members, constituents and relevant companies. Its members include artists and authors working in numerous different fields, including music, literature, the visual arts, theatre and audiovisual media. Given that the commercial exploitation of copyrighted works is not limited to Belgium and that a growing number of Sabam members are enjoying considerable international success, Sabam has concluded agreements with some 200 sister associations in different parts of the world. It can therefore protect the rights of its members not only in Belgium but also abroad. In 2013, Sabam distributed € 105,3 million in royalties to Belgian and foreign creative artists. These results are the product of the daily work of over 300 employees at Sabam's headquarters.

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