The main activity of FEBELAV members is the transmission of radio and/or television signals, using all kinds of transmission systems.

Federation of Belgian Audiovisual Companies
Head office
Medialaan 1
1800 Vilvoorde
Postal address
ATT: Mr Koen Dries
Medialaan 1
1800 Vilvoorde
T+ 32 2 454 22 11
Koen Dries
Stéphane Geerts 
Kris Cuypers
Foundation date
Total number of employees of member companies
About 2.500

Stéphane Geerts, President

The aims of Febelav are to research, protect and develop the interests of its members, including specifically:
• protecting the interests of members, i.e. companies whose main activity consists of radio and television broadcasts, regardless of the means of broadcasting;
• representing member companies in the context of relations with workers' representative organisations, both within and outside the equal-representation bodies, and concluding collective agreements which are binding on the members of the association, with a view to standardising and ensuring the transparency of employment conditions across the sector;
• facilitating mutual relations between companies in the sector as well as relations between these companies and the public authorities at regional, federal, European and international levels;
• analysing developments and, on this basis, providing the members of the association with the requisite and/or useful services.


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