What we do

As the voice of business in Belgium, FEB works towards establishing a framework to support entrepreneurship and defends the interests of over 50,000 small and large companies at federal, European and international level. The wider a message is spread, the more likely it is to be heard.


FEB’s initiatives cover all aspects of companies’ economic, social, legal and tax-related activities at federal, European and international level.
• represents its member federations and companies in their dealings with public authorities, trade unions, the media, academia and NGOs;
• is legally authorised to conduct negotiations and submit opinions on the behalf of companies;
• performs studies;
• launches joint initiatives with other employer organisations;
• drafts a communication policy.

Founding principles

FEB successfully carries out its activities by harnessing:
• its knowledge of the field and the consensus of its member federations;
• the expertise and experience of business leaders;
• its relations and cooperation agreements with regional organisations and other employer organisations;
• the know-how of its employees.


When organising its activities geared towards its members, companies and contact partners, FEB focuses on the following values and guiding principles:
• the social market economy;
• sustainable development;
• business ethics;
• good governance;
• dialogue;
• self-regulation.

The following values play a key role in the operation of FEB:
• services to sectors and companies;
• employee integrity and ethics;
• team spirit;
• efficient resource management.

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Business Issues

An optimum business environment is vital for a sound economy and sustainable growth. FEB aims to help create and maintain such an environment by, among other things, closely monitoring all issues of direct relevance to businesses. Here, grouped into 17 themes, are the issues on which FEB focuses most of its attention and action.

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